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From the Heart

Welcome to Mama It Takes a Village - my very own passion project, crafted with love and dedication. Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of informational, unique, and engaging content that will captivate your curiosity and provide valuable insights. As a parent, I understand the overwhelming responsibilities we face, and as special needs parents, the challenges can be even more profound. Hence, I embarked on this journey to create a one-stop destination for essential resources and knowledge that should be readily available to all. My goal is to ease your load by consolidating information and providing a reliable source you can trust. Each piece of content reflects the experience and knowledge I've gained throughout my journey with my own children, ensuring you find a supportive and understanding community. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let your curiosity lead you to explore the wealth of knowledge Mama It Takes a Village has to offer. Welcome to our virtual village, where we uplift, empower, and celebrate the incredible journey of parenthood together.

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An Open Book

Welcome to my blog, a place where I can share my greatest inspiration, my children, candidly discuss the trials and tribulations of being a parent of children with specific needs, as well as share all of the info I’ve gathered on my journey with my boys. Ever since I launched my site it has been creating buzz, adding new and unique subject matter & gaining an increased following from day to day. I invite you to explore my content and learn about what makes me tick. Please reach out and engage—I’m happy to hear from you, as well and will try and find the answers to questions you may have. Because if you’re wondering, it’s likely others are also.


I’m a mom of two specific needs boys, and I myself have a disability. Navigating day to day life is definitely a challenge for all of us. I struggle daily being exhausted from my health issues, while having to chase two VERY energetic toddlers around, simultaneously trying to maintain a household and advocate for them to the best of my ability. I’m not gonna lie…it’s HARD. If it wasn’t for my village, there’s no way that I would be able to do any of it. So that’s why I created this site. I wanted to help the all of the mamas, (& papas, grandparents, siblings…,) who feel alone. Who feel like they don’t know where to start or what to look for, and who are wondering if they’re doing right by their babies. I wanted them  to have a place where they can go to get questions answered and maybe find out about something they didn’t know was available. Because "you don’t know, what you don’t know." Every day I’m learning something new, and I’m so grateful to those who have shared their knowledge with me over the last few years, and I wished there was a place like this when I was first starting out on this journey.

So drop me a line, ask your questions, share your story, and your knowledge, because everything you have to share is important and valued.


Want to learn from about Mama It Takes a Village?  Feel free to ask a question or submit a topic you would like to see covered, and I will get back to you soon!

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