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7 Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy with Children This Weekend

With Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect time to engage in some fun-filled activities with the children. Whether you're celebrating at home or outdoors, here are seven exciting Easter activities to make the weekend memorable for the whole family:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt: Set up an Easter egg hunt in your backyard or local park. Hide colorful plastic eggs filled with treats, chocolates, or small toys. Provide each child with a basket and let them search for hidden treasures. You can even incorporate clues or riddles to make it more challenging and interactive. Check out these interesting egg hunt ideas from Country Living.

  2. Egg Decorating: Gather some hard-boiled eggs, paints, markers, stickers, and other decorative materials. Let the children unleash their creativity by decorating the eggs in their own unique styles. You can also try different techniques like dyeing or using stickers to create beautiful designs. A family favorite decorating tool is the Egg-Mazing Egg Spinner Decorator! It provides hours of fun for the kids and adults alike!

  3. Easter Crafts: Get crafty with Easter-themed art projects. From making paper bunny masks and egg carton chicks to creating handprint Easter cards and colorful paper flowers, there are plenty of creative activities to keep the little ones entertained. Set up a crafting station with supplies and let their imaginations run wild.

  4. Bunny Hop Relay Race: Organize a bunny hop relay race in the backyard or a spacious area. Divide the children into teams and have them hop like bunnies while carrying an egg on a spoon. The team that completes the race without dropping the egg wins a prize. It's a fun way to incorporate physical activity into the festivities.

kids in a bunny hop race

  1. Easter Baking: Gather the kids in the kitchen for some Easter baking fun. From decorating sugar cookies with pastel-colored icing to baking bunny-shaped cupcakes and Easter-themed cakes, there are plenty of delicious treats to whip up together. Let the children take turns measuring ingredients and decorating their creations.

  2. Planting Easter Seeds: Celebrate the arrival of spring by planting Easter seeds in small pots or containers. Choose seeds for colorful flowers like tulips, daffodils, or sunflowers. Let the children get their hands dirty as they plant the seeds and learn about the importance of nurturing and caring for living plants. Or plant a lollipop garden and watch jelly beans grow during their afternoon nap!

  3. Easter Story Time: Gather the children for a special Easter story time session. Choose age-appropriate books that tell the story of Easter, focusing on themes of renewal, hope, and joy. Encourage the kids to participate by asking questions, acting out parts of the story, or even putting on a mini Easter play.

This Easter weekend, create lasting memories with the children by engaging in these fun and interactive activities. Whether you're hunting for eggs, getting creative with crafts, or baking delicious treats together, the most important thing is to enjoy quality time as a family and celebrate the spirit of Easter. Happy Easter!

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