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Join Lento the Sloth in an Interactive Adventure: A Must-Have Children's Book by Kimberly Marino

cover art for sloths are slow. a sloth is in a tree hanging out in the rain forest

Calling all parents and caregivers! Get ready to embark on an interactive journey with your little ones as we introduce you to a captivating and educational children's book written by Kimberly Marino, a renowned pediatric speech and language pathologist and feeding therapist. This enchanting picture book, featuring Lento the Sloth, is designed to engage children aged three and up in a world of fun. Get ready to dive into the lush Rain Forest and let the adventure begin!

Introducing "Sloths Are Slow": Kimberly Marino's imaginative creation, brings to life the story of Lento, an adorable three-toed sloth exploring the wonders of the Rain Forest. The book's interactive adventure serves as a catalyst for language development, promoting speaking skills, following directions, gross motor movements, and fine motor coordination.

  1. Speak and Explore: Through vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, "Sloths Are Slow" encourages children to speak and engage with the narrative. As parents read the book aloud, they can prompt their child to describe what they see on each page. From a colorful tropical bird to a cute little tree frog, the book opens up a world of language-rich opportunities, helping children expand their vocabulary and verbal expression.

  2. Follow Lento's Directions: Lento, the lovable sloth, guides young readers through the Rain Forest with a series of simple and exciting directions. As children follow along, they not only enhance their comprehension skills but also strengthen their ability to process and follow instructions. From meeting different animals to mimicking the movements of various Rain Forest creatures, the interactive elements of the book provide a delightful way for children to practice listening and following directions.

leaves bordering a brightly colored page with text on it

sloth hanging from a tree holding up 2 fingers and the numbers 1 and 2 are on the page with a rain forest border and a brightly colored background

  1. Gross Motor Adventures: Prepare for some active fun as Lento encourages children to imitate the movements of different Rain Forest animals. From crawling like Lento to hopping like a tree frog, children will delight in these gross motor activities that promote physical coordination and strengthen their understanding of animal characteristics. It's an excellent opportunity to engage both body and mind while fostering a sense of playfulness and imagination.

  2. Fine Motor Marvels: The interactive features of "Sloths Are Slow" extend to fine motor movements as well. From tracing patterns of leaves to turning pages and pointing to the sun, children will engage their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. These activities not only contribute to their fine motor development but also enhance their focus and attention to detail.

Kimberly Marino's "Sloths Are Slow," is more than just a children's book—it's an immersive experience designed to captivate young minds and promote language development, following directions, and motor skills. With its interactive nature and delightful storyline, this book is a must-have for parents seeking to engage their children in an exciting and educational journey. So, join Lento the Sloth and get ready for an unforgettable Rain Forest adventure!

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back cover to sloths are slow with leaves bordering text and bar code

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