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Making the Cut: Barbers and Beauty Salons on Long Island That Offer Inclusive Services

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

barber making a design in boys hair with clippers

Finding a barber or beauty salon that understands and accommodates the unique needs of individuals with supportive needs can be a challenging task. Fortunately, on Long Island, there are several establishments that specialize in providing comfortable and inclusive services. In this blog post, we will explore some of the recommended barbers and beauty salons that cater to special needs individuals, offering a range of services and tailored support.

Check out who made the cut:

For those who prefer the convenience of having services come to them, offers mobile salon and spa services on Long Island. Their services include haircuts, color, nails, waxing, massage, and facials, catering specifically to seniors and disabled individuals. This mobile option brings professional care right to the doorstep, ensuring accessibility for those with limited mobility.

Snip-its is a salon chain that provides special training to their stylists to meet the needs of children with autism. They offer a supportive and understanding environment. With specialized training, Snip-its stylists can create a positive and comfortable experience for children on the autism spectrum.

lady getting hair washed in sink by stylist

While most salons may not cater explicitly to the needs of kids and families, Lemon Tree Hair Salon in Lake Ronkonkoma stands out as an affordable option with professionally trained stylists. They prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their clients, making them a viable choice for individuals with special needs.

While they do not cater exclusively to individuals with supportive needs, the staff at Divas are always welcoming of people of all backgrounds. They specialize in textured hair, but have vast experience servicing all ethnicities and hair types. On top of this the owner LaToya, has personally cut and styled both mine and my children’s hair. She goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable, calm and ready before attempting to perform any services. She has adapted her techniques for washing and styling to support their sensory needs, and takes as much time as necessary to ensure that they were happy, comfortable and ok with the entire process. Mama, It Takes a Village is happy to add Divas as a salon of excellence, professionalism and respect for individuals of all backgrounds and needs.

Katie, the owner of this full service, inclusive salon, is a mom who through personal experience understands what it entails to cut and style the hair of a person with sensory issues. She will work with you to arrange an appointment at her salon to ensure that you are comfortable and ready to be pampered. She always goes above an beyond for her clients.

When seeking barbers and beauty salons on Long Island that cater to special needs individuals, it is essential to find establishments that prioritize comfort, inclusivity, and specialized training. The aforementioned options offer a range of services tailored to different needs, ensuring a positive experience for individuals with special needs. Whether it's sensory-friendly haircuts, mobile services, or autism support, these establishments go above and beyond to provide a welcoming and accommodating environment for all.

While we are fortunate to have several options here on Long Island that cater to inclusivity, that is not necessarily the case everywhere. Be on the lookout for future posts that feature salons from all around the country!

***Disclaimer: Mama, It Takes a Village has not been a client of any of the listed services or products mentioned in this blog post, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Mama, It Takes a Village does not endorse or guarantee the quality or effectiveness of any of the mentioned establishments or their services. The information provided is based on publicly available information and recommendations. Individuals are advised to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment when selecting and utilizing the services mentioned. Mama, It Takes a Village is not responsible for any issues or experiences that may arise from engaging with the mentioned services or products. Thank you for understanding.***

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